Vecchie Terre di Montefili

Montefili & Vite Nova

15 May 2019Montefili & Vite Nova


Montefili is listening and observation. Of nature, its microcosm, its ecosystem and its talents. With the spring and the warmer season just around the corner, we decided it was the perfect time to get back to work with Vite Nova.


This is our ongoing project to discover the nature of our agroecosystem, and how we can work alongside it to keep Montefili forever healthy, natural, rich with wildlife, and environmentally friendly.

This time, we are looking at bugs! We filled plastic cups with a mixture of vinegar, to attract the insects with its odor, and salt, to preserve the mixture, and then covered them with stones. These simple, eco-friendly traps will stay for a month, after which we will recover them and send our findings over to the lab to be tested.


The flowers that intersperse the vines are even more beautiful and varied than last year, and we are particularly proud to have found several wild orchids growing naturally. These rare flowers are an excellent sign of the healthy situation in the vineyards, and we can’t stop taking photos of them (and the little earthworm eggs we found too)!


Projects like this are the cornerstones of the Montefili philosophy, and we are excited to understand the range of wildlife that inhabits our vineyard. Stay tuned for updates on the creepy-crawlies we unearth next month!


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