Vecchie Terre di Montefili

Life is an
life is a challenge.

Serena Gusmeri, Winemaker

Winemaker's notes

My being at Vecchie Terre di Montefili came about as an opportunity born thanks to the first meeting with Nicola and then with Frank and Tom where, from different experiences, common desires and great comparison, this project was born.

The project is a great challenge. Knowing how to immerse yourself in an unknown place means to strip a bit of what you have, to let yourself be permeated by the new and understand it better. It is a challenge because here it is the vineyard that makes the difference. We must learn not to be intrusive, but respectful, to express the environment and not ourselves. I embarked on this new adventure aware of being in a magical and highly individual place, with the first goal to understand, and then choose.

To start learning, I did the easiest thing I could do … walk in every single Montefili vineyard.

Every single parcel of land is a world in itself, different exposure, soils rich in galestro, years of planting and types of breeding that all affect the characteristics of the grapes that are harvested and thus the wine obtained.
Our choice to treat every single parcel as a single wine came naturally; each has its own needs and its own singular history to grasp and work alongside. We embarked upon a project to study the soil of each parcel, entrusting a scientific approach to discover its true potential.
With a team of expert agronomists we are studying the microbiological part of each vineyard and therefore its state of health to understand specifically how to manage it and help it with specific nutrients (different mixtures depending on the needs of the particles) and targeted processing.

Montefili is proud to be a 100% organic winery. We have a responsibility to the earth and to our plants, and also to those who drink our wines. Since the year 2000, we have worked alongside our neighbors to create this sustainable and organic utopia in the hills of Tuscany, and we work year on year to refine our growing practices.

As with the earth, we pursue a careful approach with the vines to preserve them and help them live as long as possible. Careful pruning, shoot management and targeted treatments all with the aim of harvesting quality grapes that make characteristic and expressive wines. Precisely for this reason I want Montefili to tell of the land and not the hand of those who work there.

Spontaneous fermentations and long aging in medium-large barrels are for me the key to reading Vecchie Terre di Montefili in every single bottle.

From the Chianti Classico, passing through the Anfiteatro and with Bruno di Rocca you will find different stories and specific choices to allow every vintage to express itself. As I always say...
"We are under the sky. Our job is to be able to read the messages that every season offers us, and interpret them in the best way possible!"

Serena Gusmeri, Winemaker